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Digital Domesday extract for [great And Little] Clacton, Essex - only 12.95


"Really interesting and well presented. Thank you." S. Bell, West London

A cost effective way to get fast access to the Domesday extract giving you an 11th century insight into your selected town or village. It is a must for the local amateur historian, gift buyer or anyone with an interest in their local area.

The Domesday Book is one of the most important historical records of the country and was commissioned by William the Conqueror in 1086. It captures details such as landowners, local customs and even disputes.

The extract faithfully reproduces the Scribes often beautiful handwriting, and in some cases, it is even possible to see the cow hide on which the book was written. A matching modern English translation is provided, together with a 5 page glossary of terms.

Note Features at glance
The Domesday Book is an ancient, hand written book with variation in preservation and presentation. This variation is of course reflected in purchased digital extracts. Additionally, extracts vary in length and in rare cases may be abridged if the entry is exceptionally long or mention more than one local Domesday settlement if the entry is short.
  • A high quality facsimile of your town or     village's actual Domesday entry
  • Modern English translation
  • 5 page glossary of terms
  • Ready to print PDF format
  • A4 size
  • 7 day moneyback guarantee
  • Sent by e-mail within 2 days